Webinar: Elite Level Listening

Webinar: Elite Level Listening We all know that listening is a sales superpower that can significantly boost the effectiveness of your client-facing people. Building relationships, delivering sales pitches, managing staff, taking down requirements and dealing with problems are just a few areas where this powerful skill is needed. The term that experts [...]

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Webinar: Old School Recruitment

The practices and techniques I used to build my first two businesses worked, and worked well. but many of them fell out of use because the drop in margins hitting recruitment made many of them just too expensive. But... what if modern technology could bring them back to life?

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Can Paid LinkedIn Ads Improve Your Pipeline?

Webinar: Can LinkedIn Ads Improve Your Pipeline? Winning new clients as a recruiter means starting a dialogue with strangers. Paid advertising on LinkedIn can help do that. However, it can't do it for everyone and it will only do it if you use the tool the right way. In this webinar we explain [...]

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Winning Large Clients

Webinar: How Can Small Agencies Win Large Clients? Supposing you could spend an hour asking two very senior decision-makers in very large companies how you could do business with them? Well, several recruitment owners got that chance, and hot diggity did they get some insights. We interviede two special guests: - Barry [...]

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5 Things To Secure Your Business

These are worrying times and we believe you should have access to as much useful information as you can get. So, whether you have a plan in place or are still considering your options this 60-minute webinar will help. Nicky Larkin, MD of Goringe Accountants answered many questions on what options business owners have [...]

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Webinar: Using your recruitment company to become financially independent

In the UK only 0.2% of recruitment business are sold via Trade Sale -  those aren't great odds. So what can you do to be one of the 0.2%? We invited an expert to answer that question and more. Carl Swansbury, has advised the owners of over 100 recrutiment businesses as they extracted the value from their business.

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