Webinar: Using Webinars to Win Clients

Running webinars isn’t all that hard. Using them to win new clients is not so easy and that is what this webinar is about.

To be a part of your new client acquisition machine you need to do four things: –

  1. Choose the right theme and topics for your webinar.
  2. Get some new prospects to attend and some you’re already working on.
  3. Run an engaging event so people stay until the end.
  4. Know what to do after the event to start the conversion process.

So, if you want to integrate webinars into your business development machine quickly and avoid dead ends and wasted effort this webinar is for you.

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To help you jump to where you need, here are the timings:

  • Get the right Theme – 7:05
  • Get the right Audience – 11:23
  • Q&A – 21:14
  • Get the right Delivery – 28:06
  • Get the right Outcome – 34:27
  • Q&A – 46:43