Growth Consultancy

The trigger to engage with our growth consultancy can often be a period of lacklustre growth. The owner is working long hours, stressed, under-rewarded and no nearer an exit than when they started. Enough is enough.

Something needs to change and having an external partner with proven experience of accelerating growth can make the difference.

We believe that having proven experience of fighting the same battles our clients are facing is crucial. The depth of knowledge required demands it.

Mike has a 30-year track record in recruitment successfully building and selling two multi-million-pound recruitment companies along the way. Only a handful of people have achieved this remarkable feat and therefore, share his depth of knowledge and experience.

Our Growth Consultancy service allows you to access all that wisdom in a way that suits you and your business. A truly bespoke service.

Our Approach

Each consultancy project we work on is different. Some are to fix a specific problem such as not winning enough sales pitches or unable to reach key decision makers. Others are more involved and take longer such as build a scalable capability to win more new clients.

Whatever the project our approach is still the same:

Case Studies

Intrigued but looking for some proof? We believe there’s nothing like hearing from your peers to gain some confidence so we got a few on camera. Feel free to take a few minutes and explore the case studies of our consultancy service

Chris Evans, CEO of The ECS Group engaged Flair to assist in developing a transition plan for his business and to then help drive through the execution.

Marble Hill wanted to revolutionise their pitching technique, to close more hard-won opportunities and they engaged Mike to make that happen.



The easiest way to learn more about this innovative and quite uniqe offering from Flair, including the price, is to arrange an informal telephone conversation.

Please call us on 01564 627 050 or email and we’ll do the rest.