Our Mission

Simple really: helping our clients earn more, increase their companies value and generally have an easier life.

We call it the Acapulco test: could you take a 6-month break to sunny Mexico and on returning, find your company has thrived in your absence?

We focus on four elements: a product range that turns heads; an industrial scale engine that sells it; a reputation exceeding your size and a leadership team capable of taking on more responsibility (so you can go to Acapulco).

In short, we give business owners a choice.

Our Story

It’s 1994, the IT recruitment company Software Knowledge has enjoyed rapid growth, which is now tailing off.

The founder, Mike Ames, is working all hours to pull it back but nothing’s changing.  He doesn’t know it but, he’s the problem. Because his successful company depends entirely on him. The stress is enormous and something gives.

Mike’s partner, in the ultimate act of betrayal, arranges for Mike to meet a business consultant. Mike didn’t need a consultant! Mike was wrong.

The consultant helped Mike and his team build a scalable business, enjoying exponential growth and eventually selling at a turnover of £40m. That was the point Flair started, though no one knew it at the time.

Mike starts Crimson with two of his SK senior team but Quickly taking an advisory role in the business. He branches out solo into Business Coaching and discovers a passion for sharing what he’s learnt.

That is when Flair is born.

Mike works with SME business owners and senior partners in service industries, transforming their businesses to achieve rapid growth. Over the years, it dawns on him that successful businesses share common traits beneath their surface differences. Identifying the 10 common strategies he defines the Flair Business Growth Formula: A proven way to build scalable high-worth businesses. *

It’s a great time and when Crimson is sold to Harvey Nash, Mike is able to concentrate entirely on Flair.

Mike finally decides to build one more scalable business before he too heads off into the sunset. A new exciting chapter in the Flair story begins……

* Not just his own businesses. Please do check out the testimonials page to see how the Flair Business Growth Formula has helped many other companies.

Who we serve

Flair serves SME business owners who want more.

They want their company to be worth more; they want to earn more and they want more free time. In other words: they want a scalable solid-growth company they are in control of but not necessarily ingrained in. Who wouldn’t?

Private companies only have 2 desirable end-games: sold for a life-changing amount of money or providing the owner with their lifestyle of choice.

What you do to achieve both goals is pretty much the same and we can help you do it.

You can engage us as consultants – onsite and completely on your case. Alternatively, you can join one of our Growth Accelerator Programmes and share the journey with other non-competing but like-minded companies.

The best thing is discussing your situationthen working together to provide a solution that suits your timetable, budget and available resources.

Our Values

Practical, Innovative and simple solutions that focus on achieving the outcome our clients want. I know it sounds a little cliched but then again, a cliché is simply an over-used truth so why not.

Oh, I almost forgot one of most prized values: fun. Who wants to work with a team who make the minutes seem like hours?

Change is scary, and the enemy of fear is laughter. So, we like to add a dash of personality to the proceedings.

Finally, if you can have a bit of fun when trying things out it makes you a little braver and a little more daring. Nobody ever won big by doing what everybody else does – our speciality is making people be braver but without taking unnecessary risks.

If this sounds like you why not reach out to us – we’re ready, waiting and up for the challenge if you are.