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Recruitment 4.0

Let's be honest, it’s unlikely your recruitment business will ever be the same as it was in February 2020, and that could be a good thing. I’m going to explain how this new world creates an incredible opportunity for recruitment company owners to re-engineer their business.

How recruitment companies can survive the recession

We all hate bad news but some of us are prepared to understand what it means and act early; others less so. In fact, the word “denial” springs to mind. By the way this is not a positive vs. negative argument. This is a practical post for recruitment owners to [...]

How to work through the 4 Stages of a Crisis

When you’re on a difficult journey it’s always useful and comforting to know what stages you’ll be passing through on your way. The crisis we’re experiencing now is one such journey. In this blog I’m going to explain what those four stages are, what tends to happen in each stage [...]

The Secret Bear-Trap That Holds Back Growth

In recruitment we know that growth comes from placing more people. But you can’t create a butterfly by making a caterpillar bigger – it needs to transform first. Recruitment companies are the same. Unless you transform your business at certain key points additional growth can lead to lower service [...]

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