Mike Ames
Mike AmesBusiness Growth Consultant & Founder

I’m Mike, the MD of the Flair Business Growth Consultancy. I also run the clubs and write most of the material you’ll be introduced to.

I started my career in IT in the early 80s but after 6 years of writing programs and designing databases I fancied a change and moved into sales. Recruitment sales at that.

6 Months later in April 1989 I started my own business called Software Knowledge with two other partners. I became MD in 1990 and by 1998 I’d grown it into a £40m IT services and recruitment group which I then sold it to a NYSE listed company at just the right time.

I took a year off then started another business called Crimson with two of my SK management team. After I’d helped to set it up I drifted into sales coaching forming the Flair Business Growth Consultancy in 2010. I remained a director and shareholder of Crimson until its sale in 2017 to Harvey Nash when it was operating at £23m

I’m now concentrating on making my services available in ways that work best for clients; from our free Online Growth Club or our Online Growth Academy through to traditional consultancy or attendance on our Growth Accelerator Programme.

Melanie Painter
Melanie PainterPA to Mike Ames and Practice Manager

I joined Flair in 2006 and I wear several hats within the business covering my PA role, sales support, marketing and events through to handling the day to day running of the practice. This means I have to work as efficiently as I can and get things right first time. Suffice to say that I love nothing better than to see an empty inbox and in-tray at the end of the day.

Outside of work, I am married with two grown-up daughters and a very energetic spaniel, so long walks in the countryside are a must (for the dog, not my daughters). I am a keen weekend gardener and have to hold my hands up to the fact that I have reached the age where I actually look forward to watching Gardeners’ World.

Kirsty Ames
Kirsty AmesSales Support Executive

I’m the Sales Support Executive at Flair business growth consultancy but my role is really two-fold. First I’m a consultant focusing on CRM, Social Media and Multimedia. So I spend a lot of time on the internet in order to keep up to date (what a chore!) but I also get to go out onto on client site meeting new interesting people. The second part of my job is creating all of the multimedia for Flair which allows me to utilise my creative side and experiment with each new video I produce. No two days at Flair are ever the same!

I currently live just outside Solihull but I like to spread my wings as much as possible; recently I’ve travelled to New Zealand, Sorrento and Amsterdam and next on my wish list is California. My favourite place in the world is our holiday home on the coast of Wales, I’ve been going since I was 6 months old and for me there isn’t a more relaxing place on the planet.

I am an avid reader and my taste in books range from the cheesiest romance novels (yes I’m talking about Mills & Boon’s) to fantasy novels such as those by David Eddings, childhood favourites such as Harry Potter (I re-read each book every year) and thrillers like the Tom Grey novels. My only criteria is that there has to be some sort of happy ending.

My passion for books is only surpassed by my passion for films. My taste is quite varied and I probably know the scripts to most of the films I have watched as I’ll watch a film I like over and over (I’ve watched most of the Carry On Films more times than I care to admit). Some of my favourite films include The Philadelphia Story, Look Who’s Talking, Man on Fire, High Anxiety and Weird Science.

Here are some quick-fire random facts about me:
I’ve been learning Spanish since I was 8; I dropped out of University after 6 weeks and it was the best decision I ever made; I only eat dark chocolate; my favourite meal is my mother’s lasagne; I haven’t had any caffeine since I was 18; I hate surprises; I’m a Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter.

Pete Ames
Pete AmesHead of Product

The Flair method is fantastic and my role is to make this method as accessible to as many as people as possible by creating products that suit their needs and budgets.

Joining Flair was a bit of a change from my previous time in corporate business; the big teams, support services and significant budgets are gone. In their place, I have found agility, control over our own destiny and a huge amount of empowerment. Well worth the swap.

I devour books, on any and every topic because I love to understand new things, I suspect this is why I started out as a Business Analyst. However, I love practical things like woodworking, DIY and anything else producing real things. I suspect this is why I moved away from being a Business Analyst!

Here are some quick-fire random facts about me:
I’m a qualified Philosopher (rates on demand); my greatest weakness is chocolate; my big dream is to kayak the Stockholm archipelago; I bake awesome brownies; I’m an imminent father for the first time. I’m also a Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter.