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Micro Courses

Welcome, we offer self-contained courses for you and your people to improve on small, focused areas of business development.

Implementing Free CRM

Business development without a CRM system is time consuming and painful. But aren't they expensive? Let us show you how to get all the benefits at no cost.

Proactive Referral System

Proactive Referral System We believe that referrals should amount to about 60% to 70% of your new prospects with the remainder coming from sources you can control. Having said that I also think you should work as hard [...]

LinkedIn Profiles for New Business Developers

Social Media is becoming an ever greater part of sales and winning new business with your LinkedIn profile often being the first chance you get to wow a new prospect, so best make it a good one!

How To Guides

Sometimes you just need a small and clear walkthrough of a task. Our ever-growing set of how-to guides is perfect to share with junior staff or even learn a thing or two yourself

How to Handle an Unhappy Client

I'm not sure how you handle complaints but I have longed believe that an angry client is an opportunity. Read on to find out why...

How to Get Everyone Generating Sales Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of any business but all to often they rely upon one or two key people to generate them. Imagine every member of your organisation growing your business for you with qualified leads for ideal clients. What would that feel like?

Improve Your Chances at Networking Events

Networking events are a challenging place to find new prospects, too often and for all the conversations you have they can feel an enormous waste of time. But, there are ways to greatly improve the returns on your time and effort...

Upcoming Webinars

Webinars are the perfect way to consume information. Short, interactive and easily fit into the day. We love them. Highly regarded by those who attend why not sign up, or share with your team, and see what we have to offer?

Historic Webinars

Lacking the interaction but still chock full of useful guidance and insight for you and your team. Invest in yourself and check out our recorded webinars.

How To Build A Reliable Revenue Engine

Discover the simple framework that has built two multi-million pound recruitment firms, and helped countless others as our clients. If you want less stress, more time and faster growth then you really need to give this a watch.

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