Webinar: Old School + New Tech = Success?

Old School recruitment means many things to many people, but to me and my guest today it was about relationships, sales and providing awesome value to clients, prospects and candidates alike.

In the rush to technology much has been lost, but supposing you could dust off some of these proven techniques, combine them with the latest tech to deliver a powerful hybrid. They’d be cost effective and they’d work, again. Would that give you a competitive edge?

Well that’s what this live webinar is all about. My guest Matt Collingwood, MD of VIQU Recruitment and I discuss:

✅ How do we survive Covid-19
✅ Why don’t people use the phone enough, and how to coach them onto it.
✅ What gets your CV read first
✅ How to become First Choice supplier
✅ What BD Tactics should a one man band be doing and vs a manager of teams?

And much more besides. We’ve recorded the timings for all topics in the Expandable Section below, to help you jump in on the points that most interest you.

  • 6.14 – How do we survive COVID?
  • 9.06 – Using the Telephone
  • 10.00 – What is Old School Recruitment and what can it do for you
  • 15.05 – Why don’t new people in recruitment use the phone enough?
  • 20.03 – How to coach & Target your team on the phone
  • 27.37 – Q&A:
    • 27.55 – People wanting to make calls in private
    • 30.26 – Cold Calling still worth it?
  • 39.50 – How to Get your CV read first
  • 53.54 – How to be the first choice supplier
  • 1.04.00 – What do you think is a good frequency to contact your clients
  • 1.07.45 – QA
    • 1.07.50 – Exclusive relationships – are they are popular now as they were in the 80s?
    • 1.11.00 – What BD Tactics should a one man band be doing and vs an manager of teams?
    • 1.16.08 – Personal Branding & can it help improve cold calling?