Webinar: Extreme Client Care

Although these are hard times for recruitment, they are also a time of opportunity.

Not to make money from your client’s misfortune but to help them. Positioning ourselves as value add, rather than value take.

Having worked through three recruitment downturns as an owner, I can tell you right now that we will be remembered for what we gave in this time.

Many of you are doing the right things already, staying it touch and being a friendly ear. However we can do much more to truly stand out.

So where should we invest our time to give us a rocket-boost when the crisis ends and client start hiring again? We focus on five things: –

  1. How to real add value to your clients
  2. How to stand out for all the right reasons
  3. Is it time for a client audit?
  4. Frequency, format and the content of your client interactions
  5. What to do with any free time you and the team find yourselves with

So, to be clear, we’re not talking about exploiting people, the opposite in fact, but as entrepreneurs we must make the most of every situation we’re faced with. And that time is now.

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