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Webinar: Elite Level Listening

Webinar: Elite Level Listening We all know that listening is a sales superpower that can significantly boost the effectiveness of your client-facing people. Building relationships, delivering sales pitches, managing staff, taking down requirements and dealing with problems are just a few areas where this powerful skill is needed. The term that experts [...]

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Improving Your Video

How to Film Your Own Video This course is all about clarity, competence, and confidence when using video. These days we’re all expected to use more video in business.  Whether you’re are creating video blogs, micro courses or just using video-conferencing tools like Zoom or Teams it’s vital to your personal brand [...]

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Can Paid LinkedIn Ads Improve Your Pipeline?

Webinar: Can LinkedIn Ads Improve Your Pipeline? Winning new clients as a recruiter means starting a dialogue with strangers. Paid advertising on LinkedIn can help do that. However, it can't do it for everyone and it will only do it if you use the tool the right way. In this webinar we explain [...]

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Recruitment Unpacked #9:

Senior members of the team giving quick tips and guidance to juniors has really been the bedrock of many businesses training. This proximity training has taken a hit, and may not return. So we found you some alternatives.

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Winning Large Clients

Webinar: How Can Small Agencies Win Large Clients? Supposing you could spend an hour asking two very senior decision-makers in very large companies how you could do business with them? Well, several recruitment owners got that chance, and hot diggity did they get some insights. We interviede two special guests: - Barry [...]

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Recruitment Unpacked #6:

Managing Team Anxiety with Emma Dredge Recruitment is a tough gig at the best of times, and the current market has made the pressure to perform greater. Plus, they have lockdown on top of that. In circumstances like this no-one is 'fine'. You team mental wellbeing and resilience has a [...]

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