006 – For The Owners

Winning Large Clients

Webinar: How Can Small Agencies Win Large Clients? Supposing you could spend an hour asking two very senior decision-makers in very large companies how you could do business with them? Well, several recruitment owners got that chance, and hot diggity did they get some insights. We interviede two special guests: - Barry [...]

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Recruitment 4.0

Let's be honest, it’s unlikely your recruitment business will ever be the same as it was in February 2020, and that could be a good thing. I’m going to explain how this new world creates an incredible opportunity for recruitment company owners to re-engineer their business.

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Webinar: Using your recruitment company to become financially independent

In the UK only 0.2% of recruitment business are sold via Trade Sale -  those aren't great odds. So what can you do to be one of the 0.2%? We invited an expert to answer that question and more. Carl Swansbury, has advised the owners of over 100 recrutiment businesses as they extracted the value from their business.

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