Webinar: How Can Small Agencies Win Large Clients?

Supposing you could spend an hour asking two very senior decision-makers in very large companies how you could do business with them?

Well, several recruitment owners got that chance, and hot diggity did they get some insights.

We interviede two special guests: –

  • Barry Hoffman HR Director for LandSec – Barry  has extensive experience of managing agency PSLs in very large organisations.
  • Kathy Cooper is Corporate Audit Director for Jaguar Land Rover – Kathy has had over two decades of working with agencies.

The session was Q&A driven, recruitment owners just like you asking how they could approach, and win, big clients.

Here’s just a small sample of the answers they gave: –

1. When they prefer smaller agencies over the big ones
2. Why being a niche provider catches their eye
3. How important is it for the agencies to know about their company
4. What you need to do to get in contact with them
5. What surprising things have made them kick suppliers to the kerb.

Plus much, much more!