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Podcast Series: Recruitment Unpacked

A podcast by Flair for leaders of the recruitment industry. Reflecting the priorities and interests of Recruitment Leaders with insights, tips and tactics

Hosted by Flair, a specialist growth consultancy serving the Recruitment industry and led by Mike Ames.

Mike has built a recruitment business from the kitchen table through to an 8 figure sale. Not just once, but twice. Join him and his guests as they unpack the inner secrets of what makes a scalable recruitment business.

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Recruitment Unpacked #5:

Alan Kenny shares his experience leading distributed teams and how you can help your teams adjust to working from home.

Recruitment Unpacked #8:

What happens how you audit your clients and they aren't profitable anymore? Our guest talks about sacking big clients, losing turnover and increasing his profits.

Recruitment Unpacked #7:

What will happen once Furlough ends? We interview a Global HR director and former HR consultant on furlough, preparing for redundancy and what we can learn from China as it leaves lockdown.

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