Client Audits with Dan Braithwaite

This week we will look at what happens how you audit your clients and what to do when clients aren’t profitable anymore.

We talk with Dan Braithwaite,  MD of Pertemps Network Catering, and discuss his experience with client audits:

  • How to take the emotion out of it
  • Seeing turnover drop and profit go up
  • How to be brave, yet calculated
  • The Power of No
  • Putting the Consultancy back into Recruitment

It’s a great episode and we had an absolute blast having Dan as a guest. Give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!

Oh, and if anyone is currious about the Webinar Dan and Mike refer to, it can be found here:- Click to watch on demand

  • Format: Podcast

  • Duration: 33m

  • Host: Mike Ames, MD & Owner Flair

  • Guest: Dan Braithwaite, MD of Pertemps Network Catering

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