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Day 2 – Revenue Factory & Campaigns

Second Session! Great to see you all and feels like we've got off to a strong start as we understood each other's goals and personal visions, followed by time on the Revenue Factory and Conversion Campaigns. Below you'll find a lot of content related to our discussions as well as links off to a number [...]

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Day 1 – Business Plans

Welcome to the group! Day one covered an overview of the program, the introduction and outlining of Business Plans and some side conversations about tools which can help support the changes you are looking to make. You'll find content related to all of this in this days post, so dig in! Don't forget to [...]

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Proactive Referral System

Proactive Referral System We believe that referrals should amount to about 60% to 70% of your new prospects with the remainder coming from sources you can control. Having said that I also think you should work as hard as you can to win the maximum number of referrals you can. That’s what the [...]

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