How to Film Your Own Video

This course is all about clarity, competence, and confidence when using video.

These days we’re all expected to use more video in business.  Whether you’re are creating video blogs, micro courses or just using video-conferencing tools like Zoom or Teams it’s vital to your personal brand to present yourself well on camera.

Of course, you can go out and buy all the fancy kit like cameras, mics and lights, but you don’t need to!

There are some easy tricks you can use for free with your existing equipment like your smartphone or webcam.

This course will help you become more professional on camera whilst letting your personality shine through. In the end, you’ll feel more confident so you’ll appear more confident on camera.

1 – The Basics

Some things are universal when it comes to filming and we will cover them in this video.

Basic foundations that once you get right, will make your video consistently decent quality.

2 – Location & Lighting

Lighting can have an incredible affect on how you look on camera.

Finding a flattering light without buying stage lighting can seem intimidating, but this video will show you some simple and easy tips to find something that works for you whether you are indoors or out.

We’ll also show you how to choose a suitable background that shows off your personality without being overpowering.

3 – Sound

Many people believe that the visual is the most important part of video but the audio quality is equally important.

Having audio that is difficult to hear because its too quiet or perhaps there’s too much background noise will lead your viewers to become irritated or just to switch off.

We’ll show you how to make sure your audio quality is as good as it can be.

4 – Scripting

When filming, many people will either wing it or script something word for word.

In fact, you’re looking for something in the middle.

In this video we’ll cover the rules of scripting that mean you can get your point across clearly and concisely but still allowing your personality to shine through.

5 – Recording

When recording your video there are some simple things to keep in mind that will make editing your video easier.

Editing can do a lot but having video that is high quality and well recorded can make the end product even more professional.