Sales Leads at No Cost

Leads are the lifeblood of any business but all to often they rely upon one or two key people to generate them. Imagine every member of your organisation growing your business for you with qualified leads for ideal clients. What would that feel like?

Picture it: everybody easily and regularly promoting the same message; recognising ideal new sales leads and engaging anybody showing interest in what you do.

But how can you get them motivated for such an onerous task?

Well there’s a very cheap (free) and simple way to achieve this, and we’re going to walk you through it.

Our Workbook takes you through, step by step, how to make this a reality.

1. Define your Target Client

First step is to answer 5 simple questions in 60 words or less because when it comes to this kind of message less is very definitely more.

Asking others within your organisation across a range of seniority can be insightful and inspiring, just be sure to enforce the 60 words or less rule.

  1. Who do you want as clients?
  2. What challenge do they face that you can overcome?
  3. What do you do?
  4. How do you do it?
  5. What is the Ultimate Outcome for the client?

If you’ve any difficulty there’s some extra guidance in our  workbook

2. Get Them Memorised

Ultimately you want everyone in your organisation to answer those 5 questions without pause or hesitation.

This can take time, change always does, but with persistence and focus you will get everybody from the receptionist to the CEO answering them in the same way.

There’s no fool proof way to do this, and every company has a different culture but the recent boom in gamification shows that fun can be a key part and we have some suggestions in the workbook.

3. Get Them Out There

You may find there is resistance to start “doing sales”, but the beauty of this process is they don’t have to.  All it takes is a few additional words to each answer and they will have themselves a natural “BBQ pitch”.

Then, when asked most popular of questions at social gatherings: “So, what do you do?” everyone answers with their variation of your BBQ pitch.

To create this BBQ pitch simply add the following before each of your answers to defining your target clients

  1. We work with…
  2. Who are experiencing…
  3. To help them we…
  4. We do this by…
  5. The result is they…

4. Reward those that try

If the response to the pitch is a spark of interest then they simply ask if their new acquaintance would like to know a bit more. That’s it, no sales pitch, no further qualifications just get a number or email address

Recognise and praise those that bring in such sales leads and you’ll find you quickly have a passive, and low cost, lead generation team ticking away.