How to Write A LinkedIn Profile That Boosts Your Personal Brand

The need to promote your Personal Brand has never been greater and your LinkedIn profile plays a crucial part. After all, it’s usually the first chance you have to impress a new contact.

This applies whether you want to attract new clients, get more new connections or just present a version of you that you want the public to see.

Following these ‘How to Guides’ will help you create a professional profile that reflects your personal brand, helps you stand out from the crowd and reinforces your credibility.

1/11 – Basic LinkedIn Profile Overview

An overview of the key parts of your LinkedIn profile, why it matters and the two must do steps.

2/11 – Adding a Profile Picture

Your LinkedIn profile picture is the first thing seen by anyone searching for your or navigating to your profile, so no wonder so many people agonise over the right image to select. In fact its one of our most common questions when with clients. But never fear because we have some simple rules that can avoid the worst.

3/11 – Personalising your LinkedIn URL

Which looks better, a 50 character list of the alphabets greatest hits or a your name?

It may seem a trivial thing but customising your LinkedIn URL can bring many benefits across the lifecycle of winning new business, and all for the sake of a couple minutes effort. Seems a clear cut to decision to us.

4/11 – LinkedIn Profile Summary

The LinkedIn Profile Summary, never has one document been drafted, re-drafted, thrown away, started again and then just posted with a ‘to hell with it’ shrug of the shoulders.

We’ve got the key points to break down your summary to ensure that this cycle of penmanship comes to an end with just a few minutes effort.

5/11 – Profile Headline

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

Your LinkedIn headline should be punchy and to the point, making any potential client think “They work with people like me doing something I need.” It won’t win you the work, but it might get a few more people to read on and engage with you.

6/11 – Profile Contact Details 

On occasion, when the stars align and the moon is just right, you get a new client knocking on your door with an opportunity.  Don’t make it hard for them

Load up your key contact details on your profile and help your newest client find you, with minimum hassle.

7/11 – Adding Multimedia to Your Profile 

How much do you or your organisation spend getting your brightest and best marketing material in front of potential clients?

It can vary but no matter how much is spent, free is always better. So load up the glossy pdf’s, the catchy 30 second jingle and definitely that video of your best clients saying nice things about you.

8/11 – Requesting Recommendations for Your Profile

Everyone says nice things about themselves on their profile, but recommendations are an excellent way to prove that capability and give yourself credibility in the eyes of new clients.

9/11 – Write a Recommendation

There’s a simple few rules for when to leave a recommendation for someone, and what to put forward. We’ll walk you through the basics so that you can start strengthening those all important working relationships.

10/11 – Manage your Endorsements

Keeping your most relevant and unique skills front and centre on your profile sometimes means a little upkeep to clear out past skills that perhaps carry less relevance than they used to. Awe inspiring excel skills for example.

11/11 – Manage your Recommendations

Recommendations, like skills, lessen in relevance and importance with time. Making a regular review of your recommendations will ensure the best and most powerful recommendations are being made available to potential new clients.