A common complaint that I get from my clients is that they can’t find enough high-quality 360-degree recruiters. It holds back their business and means they’re more involved in the day-to-day than they’d like.

I say – why build your business around something that you can’t find?

Added to that; if a productive 360 recruiter does leave chances are they’ll take a big chunk of your revenue with them. You must then work hard just to stand still!

Here’s a thought: instead of looking for 360 recruiters why not set out to reorganise your business, so it can be even more effective without them?

Expecting one person to be a combination of recruiter, account manager, new business sales person and sales support is too much.

The alternative is called division of labour and it helped to make the Ford Motor Company the biggest car firm in the world.

Split the recruitment down into functions and focus people on where their natural strengths lie. Couple this with a more concentrated training programme and soon you have people who are awesome at what they do.

Hiring staff becomes easier; training becomes more effective and if somebody leaves they only take part of the process with them.

You’ll find you save yourself a lot of time, money and stress plus you’ll end up with a company that runs smoothly without you needing to be involved all the time.

If you want to know how this works in practice here’s a link to a free webinar we’re running on October 30thwww.flair.co.uk/rfwebinar.  Register now to save your spot.