Business video is not hard and it’s not expensive, plus it is massively powerful. Follow the Flair team on this webinar as we walk you through the why’s and how’s of effective and simple video for use in your business from networking and sales to client and candidate service; it’s all applicable.

Who should attend?

  • If you are curious about using videos in their business but are unsure how to start
  • Someone already playing around with business videos but want to step up their game.
  • Anyone seeking new inspirations for their marketing and promotional activities

What will it cover

  1. We’ll sweep away many of the myths that surround video production.
  2. Explore the uses where video delivers a massive advantage over other mediums such as written.
  3. Discuss the equipment you’ll need to make a start.
  4. Look at the common mistakes people make when producing business videos.
  5. Suggest how you can get the most out of your video when you’ve made it.
  • Format: Recorded Webinar

  • Duration: 30m 48s
  • Host: Mike Ames, MD & Owner Flair

  • Panellist: Kirsty Ames,  Flair Sales Support Executive