We’ve all heard this saying but why is it so important when it comes to our clients?

Well, there’s a (dangerous) fallacy we can buy into: that we know more than they do about how good our product is and how it needs to improve and evolve.

The truth is: we don’t. Our clients always know best.

One more thing. Sending out invitations to complete an online quality feedback survey isn’t effective for four reasons: –

  • Response rates are between 5% and 15% (mostly closer the 5%) so it’s not a fair appraisal.
  • The people that tend to complete them like you, so feedback is biased.
  • People tend to complete them as quickly as possible, so important details are missed.
  • It’s a form – you can’t capture conversations.

Tip:  Speak to your clients in person or on the phone. Encourage them to be critical. Ask them specific questions. Never explain away their feedback.

You may have thousands of clients, but you only have a handful of client experiences. This approach will uncover them.

Only in this way can you tread the path to excellence (and riches that follow).