Exponential Growth Clubs

Let me share with you the 7 Strategies I used to build a £40m IT services and recruitment business in a decade.

We didn’t need expensive “super sales people” and I didn’t waste money on traditional marketing either.

I also didn’t kill myself doing it.  After a handful of years I was only working when I wanted to and taking several months holiday a year.

And you know the best bit?  When I came to sell the business I got 35% more than similar companies were being sold for at the time.

Watch this short video and I’ll tell you how I did it (and how you could too!)

So you implement the 7 Strategies in a Revenue Factory – what’s that then?

A Revenue Factory is a very simple way to give you the consistent growth and control you are looking for, but without you being ingrained in the business.

Watch this short video to find out more.

How can you build a Revenue Factory in your business?

Simple.  You join one of our Exponential Growth Clubs and work with Mike to gradually build your bespoke Revenue Factory over 12 months.

Conference Room
  • You can work at your pace and to your priorities.
  • Once a month 2 people from your company join people from up to 5 other non-conflicting businesses for a full day session.
  • Each session we focus on one crucial aspect of business growth and help each other to develop and grow.
  • You have complete access to the Online Growth Academy which contains videos, how-to guides, templates and examples.
  • We provide 2 half-day onsite visits during the programme.
  • Plus 4 hours telephone counselling and unlimited email access.

Who should join the Exponential Growth Club?

Anybody who is responsible for the growth of their business.

More often than not members are business owners or sales leaders looking to build a scalable business on a sensible budget.

One more IMPORTANT thing:  to get the most out of the Club you will win your new clients by creating long-standing business relationships with key decision makers.

What material do we cover in the 12 modules?

Watch this short video and find out.

(You will be amazed how logical they are)

How can I be sure joining a club is right for me?

Well you have a choice of two ways:

  • Attend one of our half day Exponential Growth Seminars to learn more about the 7 Exponential Growth Strategies and the Revenue Factory (and see Mike in action).
  • Sign up and attend the first module of the Exponential Growth Club on a try-and-buy basis. If you’re not happy you leave the club and pay nothing – ZERO RISK TO YOU!

How much does it cost to be a member?

  • London: £670.00 per month plus VAT
  • Other UK locations: £570.00 per month plus VAT
  • This is for two people to attend each module
  • Full access to the Online Growth Academy
  • 2 half day on-site visits
  • 4 hours telephone counselling
  • Unlimited email support.
Register your interest here

One last thing.

We’ve held these prices for 2 years and intend to raise them very soon. Register your interest now (even if you don’t commit) and the price you see above is the price you’ll pay.Register your interest here