How do you design a high growth business?

I’ll tell you how I did it, using just 10 basic strategies.

Combined, and properly implemented, these strategies can have an incredible effect. I call this combination the Flair Business Growth Formula, and it really works.

Just look at my own results:

  • First Company: £40m annual turnover when sold

  • Second Company: £24m annual turnover when sold

  • My Clients: regularly enjoy double-digit growth!

And I put it all down to this formula.

Because I believe anyone with serious ambitions for their business can benefit from the formula I’ve written it up in two ebooks; a summary version and an extended version.

If you want to take the growth of your business seriously download your preferred version now.

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Summary of the 10 strategies in flair business growth formula

Summary Version

Introducing the 10 strategies that make up the Flair Business Growth Formula: –

  • Explains each strategy at a high level

  • Highlights why each one is important

  • Shows how their combination creates a firm platform for growth

When finished you’ll understand the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

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Extended Version

We take each of the 10 strategies to the next level of detail: –

  • Expanding each strategy into a lot more depth

  • Explains how to implement each strategy

  • Gives examples and templates to make implementation easier

After reading this version you’ll understand how to implement the full formula.

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Audio version for people who prefer to listen on the go.