So many people attend networking events and come away with little or nothing at all, plus the experience is often not a pleasurable one for them. It doesn’t need to be that way. In this webinar, we deal with the most common challenges people experience when attending events where networking is featured.

Who should watch?

  • business leaders struggling to get their team motivated and engaged in networking.
  • inexperienced or reticent networkers looking for the right approach to events.
  • experienced networkers looking for an edge to increase valuable connections and avoid the time wasters.

What will it cover

  1. Five tips you can use right-out-of-the-box to make attending networking events easy, fun and productive.
  2. The 3 Golden Rules of networking that few people follow
  3. and we’ll shatter the biggest networking myth of all.

When we’re done you’ll think differently about networking events, finding greater success and more pleasure in them.

  • Format: Recorded Webinar

  • Duration: 37m 02s

  • Host: Mike Ames, MD & Owner Flair