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Flair Business Growth Formula – 10 simple strategies to create a high-growth business you can sell

“You can’t make a butterfly by making a caterpillar bigger” – it needs transforming, and so do high-growth businesses if they want to take the next step up in size or are preparing for sale. For either you need a scalable business, one which does not depend on you to achieve growth.

That’s what this interactive one-day seminar is all about: scalability; saleability and control.

  • We’ll run through each strategy in turn, explaining why it’s important and ways of implementing it in your organisation.
  • We’ll be digging deep into the four most important strategies, helping you begin your transformation process.
  • Using a combination of explanations, case studies, exercises and discussions to bring everything to life
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities with the other, like minded, attendees. Perhaps even a spot of networking

Who is Hosting?

Mike Ames, our MD, will be guiding you through the strategies which he has identified and formulated over his 30 years in business.

Growing and and selling two multi-million pound businesses, the first with annual revenues of £40m and second with £24m, puts Mike in the rare group of teachers who’ve actually been there and done it. Added to that he’s using it to regularly achieve double-digit revenue growth with his clients.