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We’re not big fans of cold calling at Flair. Unless you’re a very particular kind of person, it’s time-consuming, ineffective and more than a little soul crushing. Yet effectively winning new clients demands you pick up the phone and speak to someone who’s never heard of you.

Sounds suspiciously like cold calling doesn’t it?

What will you learn?

Our MD, Mike, will outline his own method for easily starting conversations with new prospects and how he enjoyed phenomenal growth as a result of incorporating it into his new business methodology.

If you attend this webinar you will leave able to avoid the most common issues with cold calling:-

  1. Navigate past the gatekeeper.
  2. Handle an existing supplier that does what you do.
  3. Overcome lack of interest because they have no need right now.
  4. Know how to respond when they’ve no spare time to talk.
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