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Growth Consultancy

Bespoke solutions to your business growth problems

So you’d like to take full control of how your business grows and you want it to happen quickly, but you want any changes you make to be a perfect fit for your business.  Well Growth Consultancy with Mike Ames could be the answer.

You have two ways to work with Mike in this way:

  • The Flying Squad: fix the most pressing problems you have and then press on to the next.
  • The Revenue Factory: design, build and implement a fully customised Revenue Factory.


 The Flying Squad

Nothing fancy here.  We see a corporate snake and we kill it.

A few examples of ‘corporate snakes’ are insufficient clients but unable to win enough new ones; not performing in pitches; losing too many clients; can’t get good sales staff; not making enough of your current clients; you don’t feel truly in control of your growth and so on.

So we decide what’s most pressing and together we fix it.  Mike brings a host of proven tools, techniques, templates, processes and out-of-the-box solutions to make things happen quicker and with less unnecessary costs.

Typically we’ll run with two or three initiatives at once—it all depends upon how many resources you can spare and how quickly you want things to improve.

The Revenue Factory

This is a longer term project for those who have the luxury of time on their side.

Working together we’ll understand your current growth set up and then we’ll design, build and implement a customised Revenue Factory to deliver sustainable growth whilst lifting you above the day-to-day operations.

Each project is different but the milestones are always the same.

  1. The Destination  We start by specifying what ‘business success’ looks like to you.  We include figures and timescales where possible so we all have a clear idea where we’re going and what’s important to you.
  1. Obstacles to Growth  What stands in your path?  We need to understand precisely what obstacles you face now and are likely to face in the future.  Our job is to eradicate each and every one over the course of the project.
  1. The Roadmap  What actions do we need to take to overcome the obstacles and reach your destination?  The Roadmap is comprised of a number of proven initiatives that will do just that.
  1. The Plan  It’s just not possible to build an A—Z plan to deliver your end-game like you would an IT or building project. Too many things happen along the way so we focus on what needs to be done right now and what we’ll work on next.  All of these initiatives come straight from your Roadmap!
  1. Implementation  Working together we implement the plan.  Mike will bring decades of business growth knowledge into play to keep the project on track and drastically short-cut the learning curve.  Why reinvent the wheel when we have one in a box ready to roll?

Stages 1, 2 and 3 are tackled in a single day through a Growth Kickstarter project and on a 100% contingency basis:  we tell you the price but you decide how much of it you pay upon how worthwhile it was to you!  No quibbles from us so no risk to you.

After that you can engage with Mike to build and deliver successful change plans as required.

Growth Consultancy

How to engage

Whether you want the Flying Squad or the Revenue Factory you can engage with Mike in a number of ways depending upon your priorities and your budget.  Anything from a single one hour telephone call each month to several days on site a month—you decide.

Added to that, all growth consultancy clients have the option to secure access to the Online Growth Academy as part of the engagement so the whole team can be involved.

How can I be sure I’m going to get value for money?

A bespoke project to move your business development capability to the next level, entirely focused on your needs, budget, priorities and timetable.

Proven tools, techniques and technologies delivered in a single easy-to-follow way. But how can you be sure you’ll get value for money?

Well we can guarantee that you will because of the Flair Value Guarantee:

“Whatever the price we’ve agreed; you only pay what it was worth to you – no quibbles from us so no risk to you!”

Your next move

The easiest way to learn more is to arrange an informal telephone conversation where we can find out more about your situation and answer any questions you may have.

Please call us on 01564 627 050 or email [email protected] and we’ll do the rest.

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