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Flair Business Growth Formula

10 Strategies to Build a High-growth Business You Can Sell

This proven formula is made up of 10 simple strategies which I’ve used to grow and sell two multi-million pound businesses over the past 30 years. When I sold them, the first had annual revenues of £40m and the second just over £24m.

Not only that but I’ve used the same formula with my consulting clients, usually resulting in a double-digit revenue growth.

The truth is this stuff works!

So, all you need to do is download and dive in but if you’d like to learn the back-story to the book then please watch this short video first.

We will be holding our Growth Seminar on the 23rd January.

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Digging into the 10 Strategies and helping you to kick-start your growth transformation in 2018.

Summary edition provides scope and awareness to the formula.

Flair Business Growth Formula - Summary Ebook

Extended edition provides detailed insights to the formula.

Flair Business Growth Formula - Extended Ebook

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Audio version for people who prefer to listen on the go.

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