When you’re arranging your next seminar, conference or team-building event there’s one thing you just have to have: an entertaining, engaging and innovative speaker (who wants the same old, same old?)

Well that’s what you get when you hire Mike Ames.

  • A range of exciting talks to max out your growth.
  • Each one can be delivered as a key-note or a panel talk.
  • We provide summary notes for the day and a comprehensive set of notes that delegates can download.
  • We also provide a summarised video of the talk for those who couldn’t make it or those who could, but wanted a refresher.

Mikes Talks

  • Refrigerator Recruitment: how to hire top people without using recruitment agencies.
  • How I built a £40m business in a decade without “super sales people” and on a zero marketing budget.
  • Social media for relationship builders (not marketers) who don’t have any time to spare.
  • The 3 Golden Rules of Real Networking that build mighty empires and vast fortunes.
  • 10 things I learned when I sold my business and I wish I’d known 3 years before (because I didn’t it cost me £3m).
  • A Revenue Factory: how to systematically build and monetise business relationships on an industrial scale.
  • 5 ways recruiters use social media to produce shortlists (and how you can beat the system).
  • 7 Proven Tactics to win more quality referrals.
  • Voice Of The Client

Voice of the Client

Imagine a business tool so powerful it can redefine your product or service and help you deliver excellence like never before.

This talk introduces such a business tool that has been used by us to help our clients profoundly affect their businesses.

But the amazing thing is anybody can use it without special training or years of experience behind them.

Learn how to run the most powerful R&D and Quality Control function for your business and do so for zero cost except for an hour or so a month of your time.

One of Mike’s most popular talks which can be delivered as a 15 minute panel talk but is much better as a 50 minute key-note.

3 Things you need if you want to avoid haggling over price

“Mike never fails to fill a room, not only with people but with an artful way of passing on knowledge in a relaxed but captivating manner. He has a style and content that makes you think, question and relate. It is more than just a presentation, it is an experience, and I commend others to share it.”
Simon King, Freeths

Most people think it’s all about the price. Well for some clients it is but not for everybody.

In this talk I’ll outline 3  ways your organisation can combat, or avoid altogether, the “can we talk about the price” conversation. Really, your sales team need to get this.

This could revolutionise the way you sell your products or services in the future.

Building a £40m business without “super sales people” or a marketing budget

Software Knowledge Growth

That’s right. I built a £40m business (£63m in today’s money) in a decade and all through organic growth. What’s more I didn’t employ a team of “super sales people” or spend loads of money on marketing. Oh, and by the end it didn’t matter if I went to work or not!

In this talk I’ll introduce you to the 7 strategies we used to produce this remarkable result (check out our revenue graph on the left) and how we implemented them.

Fluke? Lucky? Maybe, except using the same techniques my current company increased it’s turnover by £6m in one year!

Social media for relationship builders (not marketers)

“The presentation was completely inspiring. I not only feel like social media is definitely something that I should be getting involved with, I actually find myself speaking enthusiastically about the subject to others. Mike has helped to break the stigma’s associated with this subject and I would recommend that everyone finds the time to listen to the presentation and spend just 10 minutes a day, growing your social media presence. You really can’t afford to be left behind in this!”
Helen O'Shaughnessy, Brethertons LLP

Social media is very popular with marketers, for obvious reasons, but this isn’t how you use this powerful new tool to build strong business relationships and make sales.

Explaining how you can use social media to find high-quality new leads and then build relationships with them is the subject of this talk.


Social media isn’t all about publishing blogs, tweeting or collecting contacts – the real use is actually a good deal easier and super effective.

The 3 Golden Rules of Real Networking…

Mike Ames

…that build mighty empires and vast fortunes (a bit OTT?)

I know that’s a pretty grand title for a talk but these are the techniques I used to build my businesses. In fact people have been using these techniques for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

A soon as you don’t confuse attending events with real networking the universe will begin to work with you not against. Plus you’ll get a whole load more results in less time.

This interactive talk will show you how to build relationships with people who are as keen to help you as you are to help them. No special skills required and no big budgets either.

10 things I learned when selling my business

“Mike provided a compelling insight into the sale process from the perspective of the business owner.  He gave an excellent mix of practical advice on surviving the process and on the lessons he learnt about maximising value.  His war stories and down to earth approach really resonated with the entrepreneurs and founders in the room.”

Had I known them 3 years earlier I would have got £3 million more on my price!

I took the decision to sell my business on a whim and boy did that cost me a lot of money, I reckon over £3m. Even though we got a large lotto win for the business we still made loads of mistakes.

In this talk I outline the things we did right and the things we did wrong – why not learn from our experience?

Two things to remember: I’m talking as somebody who sold his business not somebody who sells businesses. It’s a big difference and a completely different perspective.

Secondly, many of the things I’ll suggest you need to start 2 or even 3 years before you sell the sales button!

How to start a commercial dialogue with disinterested prospects

Register Your Interest

Perhaps the toughest challenge in sales!

There are two main reasons that a prospect won’t speak to you: the first is that they already have one or more suppliers who meet their needs. The second is they aren’t looking to buy right now.

If you approach your prospect when either of these conditions apply you’ll fail to make a sale.

In this talk I’ll show you how to approach the client no matter now many suppliers they have or whether they’re looking to buy or not and still start a dialogue.

This is the MOST POWERFUL sales tool I know and it’s worked well for me over the years.

5 Ways Recruiters use Social Media, and how beat them

‘Mike Ames – what an engaging speaker; I thought I knew a reasonable amount about social media for business but Mike opened my eyes. Lots of useful and easy to understand advice so much so that I had to improve my LinkedIn profile that evening. Thoroughly recommended’.
Nick Booker, Attract Marketing

If your audience ever has to get onto a shortlist this talk will be priceless to them.

In over 25 years of recruitment one thing has remained unchanged: recruiters want to make as many placements as they can with as little effort as possible.

These days they’re using social media in some very unexpected ways to create a shortlist they can easily sell to their clients.

In this talk I’m going to share 5 of them with you and show you how you can “work the system” to your advantage to get your name onto the shortlist.

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