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Day 4 – Key Messages

Key Messages define how you are viewed by your market, employees and prospective partners. Without control it can be a confusing mess, so lets get that sorted.

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Day 3 – Voice of the Client

Voice of the Client, we get really excited about this topic. Imagine if you knew, in detail, the way your customers felt about you and your service, what they cared about and what your competitors did that they enjoyed. Thats what we cover today

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Day 2 – Revenue Factory & Campaigns

Introducing the Revenue Factory, why it matters and how this programme will help you build one. As well as introducing campaigns.

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Day 1 – Business Plans

Welcome to the group! Day one covered an overview of the program, the introduction and outlining of Business Plans and some side conversations about tools which can help support the changes you are looking to make. You'll find content related to all of this in this days post, so dig in! Don't forget to [...]

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