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Exponential Business Growth Seminar

I built a £40m business in a decade based upon 7 key strategies. I then started a second company based on the same strategies and in one year alone it increased sales by £6m – all organic growth!

In this half-day seminar we’ll show you these 7 strategies and how to implement them in your business.

  • An interactive session that will give you a clear idea of how you too can build an exponential revenue growth business.
  • A full range of notes and supportive online videos.
  • Email access to Mike after the event.
  • You’ll be amazed at how logical and easy to implement these strategies are and how effective they can be.

We only run two of these seminars a year - so don't miss out.

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Register Your Interest

What have previous attendees have to say…

A truly engaging seminar delivered by Mike and his team, I will most definitely be implementing some of the excellent strategies that were so professionally presented by Mike.

Charlie Parker, Oakenhurst Aircraft Services Ltd
The thing I liked most was that Mike was speaking as though he were one of us and not preaching or spouting any transatlantic sales-babble. Well worth it.

Nigel Huish, Idom Merebrook
This seminar is ideal for anybody needing a more structured approach to business growth. It certainly showed me the benefits that this approach could bring to the future expansion and scaling up of TFT’s services.
Paul Spaven, Tuffin Ferraby Taylor LLP
Mike and his team create an enjoyable and comfortable seminar which is rich in good advice and intelligent ideas.
Tim Sutcliffe, Barker Ross Staffing Solutions
Fasten your seat belts and be prepared for a full on session!
Bob Frost, BPO Solutions
Mike brings great clarity and a healthy dose of humour to that subject that so many lawyers try to avoid, business development. His seminar was pitched at just the right level and well worth the time out of the office. I would recommend it to anyone in the profession who is serious about growing their business.
James Beaton, Cripps LLP
I attended the Flair seminar and found it punchy, straight to the point and with loads of real-life examples. Mike’s approach really made sense to me. Well worth a morning!
Adrian Brooks, Brooks Forgings
Not only does Mike manage the very singular feat of ensuring that there is never a dull moment, but he engages with his audience in ways that deliver a few light bulb moments to even the most experienced client/customer handler. His approach and strategies are wonderfully simple, but are fully backed up with real-life experiences and memorable stories.
Helen Driscoll, Waterlinks Investments
I am a firm believer in keeping things simple! I found the presentation to be thought provoking whilst providing some genuine workable methods which we could implement quickly for immediate gains,
Lorne Fry, Total Limited
I like Flair because it’s simple to implement, the outputs are clear and achievable and we can implement the programme without massive expense. Mike’s teachings make complete sense to me.
Alison Lyons, Sesame Access Systems