Getting More from Networking Events

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Networking events can be a brilliant source of contacts, prospects and insights but only if you do them right.

Yet all to often these events prove a waste of time, slowly killing our enthusiasm and taking you away from better ways you could spend your time.

There is a way to get more from networking events, even if you dread them. 

This webinar describes Mike’s method of getting the maximum value for your time and effort.

The preparation steps that should be done before hand, what to do on the day and how to swiftly process your successes will all be covered.

But more than that Mike will try and get you to think differently about what you should expect from networking events, they are about so much more than just finding a lucky sale.

Should I Attend?

  • New to networking?
  • Struggling to see the value in events?
  • After tips on how to network on the day?
  • Unsure what networking events are even for?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you can find answers on this webinar.

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    Getting More from Networking Events

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